FXtrade777 fulfills all your educational needs with a complete package of informative tools. It is our pleasure to provide you with one of the most comprehensive learning centers available. We encourage all of our clients to take advantage of our services to improve your likelihood for success.

In-depth courses

Our in-depth online courses are comprehensive, interactive lectures on a number of topics including; market analysis, trading strategies, and trading psychology. At your convenience, you can complete these courses to gain the knowledge and confidence needed for successful trading.


FXtrade777 offers four eBooks to further the education of both beginner and advanced traders. eBooks have been extremely popular with investors, especially in the forex market, because they provide a plethora of information in an easy to read format.

Education Videos

The FXtrade777 educational videos cover a wide range of topics, suitable for all trader levels. The videos feature short, animated content filled clips, with useful tips and guiding principles to improve trading practices.

Live Market Summary

The FXtrade777 signal service refers to posted signals on market movement published throughout the day by our professional analysts. These notifications can be received on your desktop and/or mobile device, providing you with current indicators to buy and sell.

Economic calendar

The FXtrade777 economic calendar is a highly advanced, reliable daily calendar that provides information and predictions on economic events and political reports that are to be publicized. Economic and political reports are some of the most important data available to traders and should be taken advantage of on a daily basis.

Market news

We are pleased to provide our clients with the most up to date current events and pertinent news stories regarding the financial markets. Staying afoot of the latest news throughout the day, enables our clients to make the most educated trades based on fundamental analysis.

Chart analysis

Chart analysis is considered an aspect of technical analysis that involves examining a specific point in time of price movement. Our clients are supplied with asset price charts as well as interpretations of the data from our technical analysis department.